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Summer Term Lunch/Tea Menu

We have 6 meals that we offer weekly so that we can ensure that the children do not eat the same meals on the same days weekly. For example Day 1 will be on Monday one week but the next week be on Day 2. This means that if you child only attends one day a week , they will not receive the same foods every week.

Spring Summer Menu 2018


Autumn Term Lunch/Tea menu



Light Tea


Sausage, Potatoes and Garden Peas

Pudding: Yoghurt and Fruit

Sandwiches/Toasties with salad

Pudding: Rice pudding



Pasta in sauce with Tuna and Mixed Vegetables

Pudding: Yoghurt and Fruit

Vegetable/Tomato Soup

Pudding: Fruit Salad



Chicken & pepper fajitas with salad

Pudding: Yoghurt and Fruit

Pasta in pesto with Mixed Vegetables and Garlic Bread

Pudding: Bananas and custard



Sandwiches and wraps with tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, ham, cheese, carrot sticks and pepper sticks

Pudding Yoghurt and Fruit

Fish fingers, new potatoes and sweetcorn

Pudding: Custard and Swiss roll



Spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread

Pudding: Yoghurt and Fruit

Beans/Scrambled egg on Toast

Pudding: Rice pudding



Meatballs and couscous with salad

Pudding: Yoghurt and Fruit

Homemade pizza and Salad

Pudding: Semolina 

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